River inn at harbor town : Bed and breakfast in nashville.

River Inn At Harbor Town

river inn at harbor town

    harbor town
  • Harbor Town is an upscale, new urbanism style neighborhood in Memphis, Tennessee.

    river inn
  • The Inn is a river in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. It is a right tributary of the Danube and is approximately 500km long. The highest point of its drainage basin is the summit of Piz Bernina, at 4,049 metres.

Whitby rooftops

Whitby rooftops

Whitby, England is a small fishing village that lies along the edge of the North York Moors at the mouth of the River Esk. The river splits the town into east and west as it slides into the North Sea. Both halves of the fishing port perch atop sheer cliffs overlooking the harbor and the sea beyond; pleasant jumbles of small red-roofed houses line either side of the river, like carelessly tossed dice.
It is an ancient village first settled in the 5th or 6th century AD. In 637 AD a Catholic abbey was built nearby that pulled Whitby into history when, in 664 AD, the abbey was the chosen location for the Synod – council – of the Celtic and Roman Catholic Churches to come to an agreement on the celebration date for Easter. In 1077, the abbey was rebuilt in the foreboding gothic style of the medieval time. Now, the abbey ruins brood on the outskirts of Whitby. The commanding presence of towering stone facades pierced with sightless arches can cast the eerie shadow of folklore on even the most unimaginative mind.

It was into this harbor of history and myth that Bram Stoker sailed in 1890. He had been working on a novel inspired by Hungarian adventurer Arminius Vambery who had regaled Stoker with eastern European tales of the blood-hungry living dead. Whitby proved to be the perfect setting for Stoker to derive some of the more intriguing details for his book. He was so impressed by the surrealistic, menacing aspects of the immense stone abbey and St Mary’s Cathedral looming over the small town, that he used Whitby in his novel Dracula as the place where the seductive Count meets and kills Lucy.
While in Whitby, Stoker stayed at a small inn on the river. Every evening at dusk the local pigeons would sit on the window ledge and tap mindlessly at their reflections in the glass. Stoker incorporated this sound into his novel as Dracula tapping with long, sharp nails on Lucy’s window, demanding entrance. The bats residing in the stable behind the inn lent another aspect to Stoker’s main character: his ability to shape-shift into not only bats, but also black dogs and mist.

The Mermaid Inn ... Rye, Sussex

The Mermaid Inn ... Rye, Sussex

Rye is a small town in East Sussex, England, which stands approximately two miles from the open sea and is at the confluence of three rivers: the Rother, the Tillingham and the Brede. In medieval times, however, as an important member of the Cinque Ports confederation, it was at the head of an embayment of the English Channel and almost entirely surrounded by the sea.

Rye is officially a civil parish but with its historic roots has the status of a town; at the 2001 census it had a population of 4009. During its history its association with the sea has included providing ships for the service of the King in time of war, and being involved with smuggling gangs of the 18th and 19th centuries such as the notorious Hawkhurst Gang who used its inns such as The Mermaid Inn and The Olde Bell Inn, connected by secret passage way.

Those historic roots and its charm make it a tourist destination, and much of its economy is based on that: there are a number of hotels, guest houses, B&Bs, tea rooms and restaurants, as well as other attractions, catering for the visitor. There is a small fishing fleet, and Rye Harbour has facilities for yachts and other vessels.

river inn at harbor town

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